Intermediate Defense Handgun

Intermediate Defense Handgun




1 Day


8 hours


9 AM – 530 PM

Range Fee

$10 Range fee


7700 S Mingo Rd, Tulsa, OK 74133

Reg Price



  • Semi Auto Handgun (9mm .40 or .45 suggested)
  • Strong Side Hip Holster
  • 3 Magazines or more with Magazine Pouch
  • Eye Protection
  • Ball Cap or Beanie
  • Hearing Protection
  • 300 – 400 Rounds of Factory Ammunition (*We have ammunition available, contact us!)


Intermediate Defense handgun level 2 tactical and combative handgun course is ready to take your current handgun skills to the next level. This course is the ideal course to respond to any situation, concealed carry, or open carry individual who has had some form of tactical and defensive handgun training before, or just completed our defensive handgun level 1. This course enables the participant to practice and perfect the fundamentals of shooting for combative/defensive purposes with heavy emphasize of repetitive handgun techniques and drills especially while using a concealed carry garment. This class is necessary if you carry concealed on a regular basis for self-defense purposes. Only about one hour is spent in the classroom with the remainder of the course being taught on our handgun range, shooting on realistic paper and reactive steel targets

Prerequisites:Completion of Basic Defense Handgun Level 1


  • Review Fundamentals of Handgun Safety
  • Review Weapons Etiquette
  • Review Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting
  • Review Deadly Force
  • Stoppages & Malfunctions
  • Shooting on the Move
  • Kneeling Fire
  • Primary Strong Hand Shooting & Reloading
  • Barricade Shooting while Understanding Cover & Concealment
  • Live Fire Drills on Paper & Steel Targets
  • Standard Course of Fire


 Need a handgun and all required equipment?

Handgun packages available starting $55.

Ammunition included!



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